• mit-tech

    Feet on Earth, head in the stars

    22.08.2023 - MIT Technology Review

  • npr-logo

    The importance of sustainable space exploration in the 21st century

    10.04.2023 - NPR Short Wave

  • esa-logo

    Making space more sustainable, one rating at a time

    27.03.2023 - European Space Agency

  • logo world economic forum

    The world's first sustainability rating system for space exploration

    02.03.2023 - World Economic Forum

  • tbifgc-logo

    Space Is Full of Rubbish – It’s Everyone’s Job to Clean It Up

    10.02.2023 - Tony Blair Institute for Global Change



  • curiosity-logo

    Space Sustainability Rating System, the Chameleon Effect, and How to Blow Your Nose

    12.12.2022 - Curiosity Daily Podcast

  • msm logo

    Évaluer la durabilité dans le domaine spatial

    24.11.2022 - MSM

  • geospatial world logo

    Space Sustainability as a Business and Economic Imperative

    13.09.2022 - Geospatial World

  • logo CNN

    Opinion: Why I'm a space environmentalist -- and why you should be, too

    07.09.2022 - CNN

  • logo ee news europe

    Rating for designing sustainable space systems

    02.08.2022 - ee News Europe

  • logo heidi news

    Aux frontières du cosmos, là où nos télescopes sont aveugles

    02.08.2022 - Heidi.news

  • logo abc news

    Space junk, space lasers and space law: Cleaning up earth's debris

    29.07.2022 - ABC News Australia

  • logo heidi news

    Guide de durabilité spatiale à l'usage du voyageur galactique

    30.06.2022 - Heidi.news

  • spacenews logo

    A new way to incentivize safer conditions for operating in space

    15.06.2022 - SpaceNews

  • Logo Newsweek

    How Do Leaders Deal With Space Debris?

    05.04.2022 - Newsweek

  • iso-logo

    Le grand nettoyage de l’espace

    27.08.2021 - ISO

  • logo technology.org

    A new chapter for space sustainability

    28.06.2021 - TECHNOLOGY.ORG

  • logo triple pundit

    Space Junk, the Final Frontier for Sustainability

    28.06.2021 - Triple Pundit

  • logo world economic forum

    We launched the first sustainability rating for space exploration

    26.06.2021 - World Economic Forum

  • logo fintechzoom.com

    Earth’s orbit is congesting, World Economic Forum has a solution

    22.06.2021 - fintechzoom.com

  • logo space.com

    New spacecraft sustainability rating targets space junk

    22.06.2021 - SPACE.com

  • logo spacewatch global

    WEF and ESA launch new space sustainability rating

    21.06.2021 - Spacewatch Global

  • eurasia review logo

    New Space Sustainability Rating Addresses Space Debris With Mission Certification System

    18.06.2021 - Eurasia Review

  • logo mit media lab

    A New Chapter for Space Sustainability

    17.06.2021 - MIT Media Lab