Performing an SSR rating provides your organization with the most accurate assessment of where your mission stands on sustainability, and which adjustments can be made to gradually and durably enhance its scorecard.

It offers an impactful tool of reference to publicly and transparently communicate on your organization’s space sustainability and debris mitigation efforts to investors, insurers and the general public.

The SSR will also support your organization in anticipating future regulatory developments and secure your license to operate in the long-term.

The rating process will help your organization’s strategic approach and help enhanced risk management to improve your missions’ safety through best practices.

  • Rating benefits

    Tailored and continuous support from the SSR team

    Rating of one mission including an initial score computation, a score analysis report, recommendations for improvement and score projection if recommendations are implemented.

    The rating process also includes one score recomputation if the recommendations are implemented by the operator, allowing to harness the opportunities for score improvement identified by the SSR issuer and show active efforts to implement more sustainable behaviors.

  • Validity of the rating

    A rating should remain valid during the mission phase and
    as long as the parameters remain unchanged.

    Re-evaluation is mandatory if the mission phase has changed
    (e.g. from pre-design to manufacturing), otherwise the rating is not valid anymore.

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