Lausanne, 04 June 2024 – The Space Sustainability Rating (SSR) Association announces that Eutelsat Group has earned a platinum score in the SSR, based on design choices and operational methods that contribute to sustainable space operations. The mission consists of  more than 600 One Web communication satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). This recognition underscores Eutelsat Group's commitment to responsible space utilization, aligning with SSR’s mission to promote long-term sustainability and safety in space.

The SSR was conceived at the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Space to address the critical need for sustainable practices in the space industry. The rating system, developed by an international consortium including the European Space Agency, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BryceTech, and the University of Texas at Austin, is now operationalized by the eSpace – EPFL Space Center. This initiative has since evolved into an independent nonprofit association based in Switzerland, dedicated to recognizing and encouraging practices among space actors that foster safe and sustainable operations.

Eutelsat Group’s platinum rating reflects exemplary performance across the SSR’s six assessment modules. The Mission Index Module defined by the European Space Agency estimates the impact of the mission on the space environment and the impact of the disposal strategy. The Collision Avoidance Capabilities model measures the capability of satellite operator teams to coordinate in response to potential satellite collisions. The Data Sharing module considers what types of data is shared and what audiences satellite operators share with. The Detectability, Identification and Trackability module considers the level of difficulty by which spacecraft in the mission can be observed by ground-based radar and optical sensors. The Design and Operation Standards modules require satellite operators to report on which internationally recognized space sustainability guidelines they follow. Finally, the External Services module allocates a bonus score based on the mission’s plans to use services for deorbiting or servicing. Achieving a score exceeding the 80% threshold required for platinum, Eutelsat has demonstrated superior sustainability in design, operations, and disposal practices.

The SSR provides a transparent, data-driven assessment of sustainability of satellite missions, while offering practical recommendations to operators on how to enhance their sustainability performance. By engaging with the SSR, space actors can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, helping to reduce the risk of space debris, on-orbit collisions, and unsustainable operations.

Prof. Jean-Paul Kneib, President of the Space Sustainability Rating Association, Academic Director of EPFL Space Center and Head of the Laboratory of Astrophysics (LASTRO), remarked, "It has been a great pleasure to work with Eutelsat group to conduct the rating of their LEO constellation. As the global orbital resources are limited it is of great importance that any satellite operators take space sustainability seriously and commit to a responsible use of outer space" Prof. Kneib further noted, “The vision of the Space Sustainability Rating is to recognize and encourage behaviours that reduce the risk of space debris and collision. Eutelsat Group as well as other operators that have engaged in the Space Sustainability Rating of their spacecraft will help make a better and safer use of outer space for the benefit of all.”

As the number of space actors continues to expand, the SSR remains dedicated to recognising satellite missions that prioritize sustainable design decisions, in-orbit operations, and end-of-life strategies. By awarding ratings ranging from bronze to platinum, the SSR recognises space actors’ ability and willingness to adopt and maintain high standards of sustainability, ensuring that the benefits of the space can be harnessed safely and responsibly by all.

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